VICE News Documentary About 8chan is Grossly Offensive

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I am shocked.


I am shockeder than you are.



Fucking Hotwheels, man. Jesus christ. They’ll never forgive you, idiot.


Typical journo.
I’m sure she had the sex with him.


Yeah she looks like the kind of gal who’d take one for the team


Forget that regretful crippled crybaby, he just trying to get some attention to get some bills paid.
I also want answers on gentelman jims home invasion and how that was swept under the rug.
Literal ambush jouralism.



I shockedest


Fucking mutant found some pussy and Elle Reeves is jealous. It sounds like she’s sucking his dick the whole time.


Am I the only one that thinks this little slug reminds me of that Shriners kid?


When a man ejaculates into a vagina, and its copulins soak into his penis, his rage melts away and life is good. Men who are getting condom-free sex on a regular basis do not write manifestos or carry out mass shootings. Healthy societies exploit this effect – in exchange for serving the King as soldiers and taxpayers, men are pretty much guaranteed nubile young wives who are always available for sex.

Hotwheels is a perfect example of this. He was once the boss of Wizard-chan, the most “misogynist” site on the Internet because only male virgins are allowed to post there. Now living in Manila with a wife who keeps his stomach full and his balls empty, he’s all about peace, love, and not questioning authority. Why fight when you can fuck instead?


this shows is like a parody, it could very well be the onion for how ridiculous it is.

Moral of story, no matter how ugly or fucked in the head objectively or subjectively you are, there is some woman out there willing to be with you, problem is if you have high expectations. Never settle for less, but be realistic.

Another thing, pussy domesticated cripple. It’s like they are subtly saying that if “incels” find girlfriends, they would stop with “conspiracy theories” about great replacement. Hey kikes, send whores to “incels”, it’s your speciality sending kike whores to enemies.

Problem is, (((mainstream media))) and (((academia))) 24/7 is attacking white heterosexual males on account of “white privilege” (((“fellow white people”))), “patriarchy” and all the evil around the world.

(((They))) and their useful idiots (SJWankers, femmunists) through popular culture, video games, movies are promoting (((“eguality”))), (((“diversity”))) in retarded ways, and replace white characters for the most part with blacks.

It’s not “conspiracy theory” but reality. Especially when cucks like Joe Biden is proud and saying that it is a good thing that whites will be minority in some period of time in USA.

So where is “conspiracy theory” in that you leftard ethnomasochist scum?

I mean, (((they))) openly celebrate whites becoming minority and expect from white men to be passive about it.

You reap what you sow kikes, prepare for storm.


There is something very funny about seeing chan memes in normie documentaries, and him trying to explain all of this had me cracking up.

Wasnt aware he wrote an article for this site. Now the guy has cucked on all of this.

Neither was I. And a good article too, except for his anti-racism.
What a smart cripple.

8chan has built it’s own cloudfare hit the video at 1:23 and will be back in few days


Commercial terrorism.
Interesting way to put it.

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No idea what copulins are but that sounds pretty hot.

Not-real-edit-edit: just looked it up, mind blown. Seems much more realer n’ sheeit than microchimerism/telegony.

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He’s a hero. Really hope they develop their own Cloudflare.